A-line Sweetheart Beading Sleeveless Floor-length Chiffon Prom Dresses / Evening Dresses #SZ0301728

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As the picture (Watermelon) , Chiffon

Black , Chiffon

Blue , Chiffon

Brown , Chiffon

Burgundy , Chiffon

Champagne , Chiffon

Chocolate , Chiffon

Dark Navy , Chiffon

Daffodil , Chiffon

Dark Green , Chiffon

Fuchsia , Chiffon

Gold , Chiffon

Grape , Chiffon

Green , Chiffon

Hunter , Chiffon

Ivory , Chiffon

Lavender , Chiffon

Light Sky Blue , Chiffon

Light Slate Gray , Chiffon

Lilac , Chiffon

Orange , Chiffon

Pink , Chiffon

Royal Blue , Chiffon

Sage , Chiffon

Silver , Chiffon

White , Chiffon

Red , Chiffon

Emerald , Chiffon

Light Yellow , Chiffon

Pearl Pink , Chiffon

Purple , Chiffon

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Product description

Item: #00035391

Silhouette: A-line

Hemline/Train: Floor-length

Neckline: Sweetheart

Sleeve Length: Sleeveless

Embellishment: Beading

Fabric: Chiffon

Shipping Weight: 2.00


This dress is custom made for you, and the fabric of this handmade occasion dress is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for special occasions.

How long it will take


Tailoring Period: 31-33 business days.
Shipping Time: 2-4 business days.

Note: All the dresses are not in stock, Whether choosing a standard size or custom measurements, all our dresses are personally tailored for you from scratch.

Please understand that we will do our best to process orders during prime time.We advise you to expect the delivery to take approximately 33-37 business days.Your patience means you get the best designs and quality . Definitely worth the wait!



Q: Can I return or cancel the dress if I change my mind?
A: Even standard size dresses are made to order for each customers. The custom nature of our dresses means our cancellation and return policy is stricter than other items, so it's important to order carefully.

Q: Can I order this dress in a different style/fabric/length?
A: Each dress is carefully tailored to match exactly what you see in the photos. If you haven't found exactly what you're looking for yet, the "Narrow by" search function on the left-hand side of each dress category's main page can help you find the perfect combination. Other than that if you need to modify the style/length/material in any way, our customer service can be reached at customer@micwell.com. There might be some extra charge for that.

Q: Will my dress exactly match the color I see on your website?
A: There might be a slight difference between the actual dress's color and what you see in the photo depending on your computer monitor's display settings.

More Questions & Answers

Elaborate handmade

Fine Materials
We carefully select high-quality beads, pearls, fabrics and threads to create every dress. We look for vibrant colors, beautiful sheen and rich textures in every material that goes into your dress.

Hand ruching
Ruched detailing is not just decoration for your dress-it can help create a figure-flattering silhouette. Our tailors do all ruching by hand to create the perfect shape and fullness on each dress.

Elegant beading
Many of our dresses feature beautiful beading on the sleeves, bodice or skirt. Professional dressmakers spend hours skillfully sewing on beads and pearls to perfect an elegant and classic design for you.

Lining and boning
All our dresses are fully lined and structured to hold their shape and flatter your figure. Our full-skirted dresses use a hard net lining underneath a soft fabric that feels comfortable against the skin.

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Review & Ratings

Base on 59 reviews

Written By jo
2014-01-15 01:56
It's very beautiful. I like it very much.

Written By Nadia
2014-01-12 08:07
the workmanship and the material were beyond what i expected. it was delivered quickly. my only issue is that the sizing is 2 -3 sizes smaller than u.s. sizes. i ordered one size larger than my size and the dress was two sizes too small. my suggestion to purchasers is to take their measurements, including under the bust all the way around. i would buy from them again.

Written By Lynda Hessi
2014-01-11 12:51
i am loving this colour. but in your discription it's Hunter. and in your colour scale i don't see Hunter. i only see Hunter green. is that the same colour? i want this bleu/green colour but i dont know what the name is. in the Dutch site it's the same name; Jager but in the colour scale i't's Jager Groen.

Written By Azahara
2014-01-11 10:53
I was just wondering if you can request to have the train taken off of any of the dresses that have them!?

Written By Stella
2014-01-11 10:28
This dress was made to size and it was absolutely stunning. Just had to be taken up a tiny bit but that's it!
Everyone was positively commenting on the dress. Best of all, my maid of honour loved it! She generally doesn't like to wear dresses but she will definately be wearing this one every chance she gets.
The dress is made of high quality and turns out beautifully in pictures. When giving micwell your measurements, the dress is made perfectly to fit. The colour is beautiful, the material is so feminine. I cannot comment enough about how beautiful this dress is and how happy I am with it. It's perfect!! See for yourself!

Written By Jen
2014-01-10 17:49
this dress is exactly what I want! fast shippment, high quality, excellent services! I am quite satisfied!

Written By Linda
2014-01-08 04:41
I received the dress very fast. Color was great (Royal blue), fabric was great and making was OK but the fit was awful. The problem was that every single of my measurements was spot on size 12 butit didn't even remotely fit. However, I sent in photos and micwell responded that they made a mistake and I would send it back with full refund and then full refund of my return. Great response. I am still waiting for the refund but it hasn't gone 30 days yet so I hope their promise still stay. I believe... will put a comment in if not. When I have the refund I will order another type of dress and even though size is 12 I am going for custom fit.

Written By Kazia Edmon
2014-01-06 15:22
This is a gorgeous dress and it is exactly as it is shown on the pictures. My mom will be wedding this dress on my wedding day. we are having a beach wedding and it is perfect for the occasion. Just make sure to look at the size chart since size doesn't run as regular store sizes.

Written By Laurel
2014-01-02 09:01
Hi there,
I was thinking of ordering this dress in daffodil, however I just noticed that it says bodice colour cannot be altered.
Does this mean it will stay pink?

Written By colore
2014-01-01 16:38
Hi, Does this dress have a split in the front of it? In the Green dress it looks like it does but it doesn't look like it does in the brown photo. Also I am assuming that the colour of this dress in the photo is brown as the champagne colour seems to light, would this be correct? Could you tell me where you are based I thought this was an american company but I'm not sure now that I have read reviews on shipping to America.

Thank You.

Written By Hannah
2014-01-01 01:59
This dress is absolutely gorgeous, I wore it for New years Eve and could not get enough compliments for the evening.The quality is worth the price, the straps fitted well.Overall it;s a very nice dress. =)

Written By Cristina
2013-12-30 20:28
WOW!!!! Absolutely amazing! The dress is even better than I imagined. It fits perfectly and I feel like a princess. Many, many thanks!

Written By Malina
2013-12-30 13:01
very pretty; great price

Written By ET
2013-12-18 13:39
Hi just wondering, the size chart that is available, is this of US sizes or UK? I am a UK size 12 (34 inch bust 30 wasit) and I'm just wondering what size that would be on your site. Thanks :-)

Written By Giorgos K.
2013-12-16 14:39
I have a crush on this dress but I would like to see different colour before ordering it.. Could you please show me pictures of this dress in pink ? Or at least, show me what tone of pink it is..
Thank you very much!

Written By Danielle
2013-12-15 18:06
Hi Good Afternoon,
This is a beautiful dress, if I order this dress can I choose other colors? I've been reading the reviews and I noticed that some people order this dress in Royal blue and other colors but when I try to put the info to order this dress there are just 3 colors: Ivory,white and champagne and for the belt there are like 30 colors.
Although I like the champagne color I don't know if I'm going to order in that color, cause I still don't know if my sister (the bride) is going to wear white or she is going to choose another color like Ivory or champagne so in that case, I'm not going to be able to wear champagne.
So, Are you still selling this dress in other colors different of those 3?
Oh an other question.. The dress in the picture is champagne with gold belt, right? Because in the box in the information of the dress in the picture it says the color of the dress is gold with gold belt, so I was going to ask you if there is a mistake in the information.
Thanks, I'll be waiting for your answer.

Written By patricia
2013-12-15 05:35
Nice dress

Written By caz
2013-12-11 16:30
Please could you let me know if I would have to wear a petticoat with this dress, as it looks as though it might be a bit see-through on a sunny day, especially if it was made in the ivory colour?
Thank you,

Written By Diana
2013-12-08 21:46
I ordered this dress for one of my bridesmaids. it took about three weeks to get it, it's pretty fast because It was a custom tailored dress. We took her measurements as it was shown in the video and it fits her perfect. The only thing is that the chiffon layer and the straps are too long but it's easy to fix, I am very pleased with my purchase. Also, I bought a wrap to go with it the exact same textile and color, it's fit perfectly: look at the picture... thank you micwell !

Written By Michael
2013-12-08 18:42
I received the dress very fast. Color was great (Royal blue), fabric was great and making was OK but the fit was awful. The problem was that every single of my measurements was spot on size 12 butit didn't even remotely fit. However, I sent in photos and micwell responded that they made a mistake and I would send it back with full refund and then full refund of my return. Great response. I am still waiting for the refund but it hasn't gone 30 days yet so I hope their promise still stay. I believe... will put a comment in if not. When I have the refund I will order another type of dress and even though size is 12 I am going for custom fit.

Written By Maegan Scul
2013-10-15 18:27
I am a45 year old bigger lady, (size 16 in Australia, 12 in the US and a 14 in Britain) -I am 5foot 10inches tall. I odrered this dress in black and it is just gorgeous. I ordered a made to measure dress (that arrived at my door 19 days after I ordered it) and would recommend this method to all girls, it fits prefectly. The dress is well made and stitched beautifully, as it is strapless there is even a hidden elastisiced back strap inside so you don't feel like you could "lose" the dress while you are dancing. My daughters (15 &17) said it is beautiful and that I look slim and gorgeous in it - nice praise for teenagers. This is the 2nd dress I have ordered from this site and will purchase many more times in time

Written By Donna
2013-10-11 03:51
this dress was amazing and because I had it special made for me it was even more amazing. The built in bra is great to, I was a bit worried that I would need to get a corset but no need at all....Plus because this was my first buy from this website I was worried it wasnt going to be anything like the photo. But its perfect and I cant wait to wear it for my best friends wedding :) thanks again guys, cant wait to buy my next dress on here :)

Written By mina0716
2013-10-10 08:41
Can't wait for the micwell version of this dress !!! I'm in love with it !!!

Written By Aurelie
2013-10-08 22:58
What happens if I receive a dress and it is not flattering for my body or something does not look good on my body? Can I return a dress if it is unflattering?

Written By Anika
2013-10-06 13:54
Loved the dress had a few minor probs with the the sizing however this was rectified in a timely manner. If I had the chance to have the full day again I would get all my dresses from this site. Had a fantastic time and good customer relations really do help in times of wedding stress. Thanks

Written By Amy Sanzo
2013-10-06 04:18
Im very happy wi th my bridesmaids dresses. My maid of honor dress colors are lilic with orange sash. And my bridesmaids ae orange with lilic sash. My maid of honor hv a diffrent style of dress that she order from micwell as well. Its also very pretty too. The colors are very nice:)

Written By Whitney Ban
2013-10-05 23:24
Order number 1103141301388597
I ordered this dress on 14th March, can you advise when I will receive it? I have tried to find the best way to contact you but it seems quite difficult to find an email address or contact form for an order that has already been placed. It says 'place a customer service ticket' but this doesn't seem to be available anywhere on your site.

Written By Tosha
2013-10-02 15:02
This dress looks so gorgeous!! Does it come in other colors? Can it be any color from the drop-down menu? Thank you!

Written By Marie C
2013-10-02 06:26
First off I ordered this dress in burgandy, as I had seen a picture of the dress in red that a previous reviewer had purchased. If you like the color of the dress on the model, order Burgandy, and it seems to be the exact color modeled. The dress is well constructed and has a removable panel behind the lasings, so you can either show skin or not depending on your personal taste. The embroidery on the skirt was off on my dress, about 4 inches lower than pictured on the model. Not a huge deal, but since I ordered an off the rack size, my dress needs hemmed about four inches, which puts the embroidery brushing the floor, and a large gap bewteeen the where the draping ends and the embroidery begins. The beadingand embroidery on the bodice is done beautifully, and I think is a bit heavier than what is advertised. Over all the dress is beautiful, was finished on time, and shipped on time. Quality controls could be a bit better for the price of the dress. And the discription on the website should be changed to reflect the actual color shown which is burgandy and not red

Written By Kali
2013-09-26 02:08
I really adore this dress and was wondering if its possible to see a picture of it in orange please and thank you

Written By bethany
2013-09-23 01:30

Written By grc
2013-09-20 16:46
I bought this dress for my 11 year old daughter, with specific measurements. The dress fitted perfectly with no alterations needed. Quality & style was brilliant, and color was true to the website. Thanks very much

Written By Ashanti
2013-09-20 04:54
Wow what a dress. I was a bit scared to order my dress online, but after waiting patiently for my dress i'd have to say it was absolutely worth it. The customer service team were helpful and very prompt, The dress very well made out of gorgeous materials. Tracking via fedex was easy to monitor my dress during shipping. I'm already looking for my next dress to buy from micwell.

Written By Tina
2013-01-11 22:44
Re: Mary's request for sleeves: I think this is a lovely dress also but might need a little something on my arms This sight also offers wraps which some of us would love with this dress. Check it out.

Written By Marta
2013-01-11 16:57

Written By Marielly
2013-01-09 08:20

Written By Tia Brannon
2013-01-05 03:27
I was wondering if you send samples of the fabric. If you I would love to see this fabric in a champagne. Thank you very much. I will provide my mailing address if you do send samples.

Written By Pourtoujour
2013-01-03 04:55
Is is possible to purchase extra fabic to make straps for this dress or have straps made? Some of my bridesmaids are a little bustier and would benefit from the extra support.
Thank you :)

Written By Carlene
2013-01-03 03:14
this was such a beautiful dress, custom sized for me. The fabric, the details, the tailoring were all exemplary. I received tons of compliments on the dress as well as the color. Could not have been happier. Quickly finished and shipped for a custom order. I will be ordering my gowns from here for events for sure.

Written By k
2013-01-02 12:50
I bought the dress because i wanted to test the website before deciding if I would buy my wedding dress from here. I was a little bit skeptical about all the five star reviews. So i chose made to measure.I was able to track my order on the website. It arrived when expected via UPS. It fitted perfectly and the dress is very well lined. The workmanship is really very good. This dress would have cos me a fortune had i bought it from the high street in Britain or Norway (where i live) for example. And i probably would have had to make adjustments.
Now I'm strongly considering buying my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses from micwell because i'm very impressed and satisfied. I really hope they'll have more wedding dresses with sleeves by the time. micwell deserve the five star reviews. I'm very happy with my dress.

Written By kitty
2013-01-01 17:45
1.Is it possible to choose from all the colours variety e.g. royal blue?
2. Is it possible to get rid of the bow and instead just have a simple tying?

Written By like a need
2013-01-01 04:51
I just got my dress and tried it on. It was perfect on me, and I was soo happy!!! I thought I was going to have to get a size 10 for this dress because I bought another dress on a different website and it was alittle too tight on me so I had to send it back. This website is really good because It has color and size charts. It even got a video of how to measure yourself or other people. I didn't know how to measure myself until I watched the video. It was really helpful :) Other websites that I have been to doesn't even have a video of how to measure yourself. I would really recomened this dress to anybody and everybody because the dress can be use for many different occasion such as weddings, prom, parties, and other occasions that is needed of wearing a dress. It has many different color choices and It soo pretty!!!
Love the dress!!!! :D

Written By Sandy
2012-12-30 06:24
Absolutely a perfect prom dress,I love it so much!

Written By Kristin
2012-12-29 20:36
hermoso vestido muy satisfecha muy elegante la tela excelente me encanto

Written By Patricia Ma
2012-12-29 17:48
Hello, I wasn't sure about ordering a bridesmaid dress online, but after carefully reviewing the website and taking measurements for my daughter, we went ahead. The dress arrived today as per the estimated date given to me, and I have to say it has been made beautifully and is very good quality. Apart from a few minor alternations we need to make for the fit to be perfect, it was the right decision. So don't hesitate if you are feeling unsure, you won't be disappointed! Thank you micwell, you have made it really easy for us.

Written By Ali
2012-12-29 15:54
We bought this dress in a custom size for our daughter and in her favourite red colour. It fits well and was posted very promptly. It is well made and a lovely dress. She is wrapt and can't wait to wear it to her formal.

Written By Paul Lantei
2012-12-27 10:49
Hi! So I have been on an endless search to find the perfect prom dress and I think that I have finally found it! I adore this dress! The only problem is that my prom is on May 14th of 2013, so is there any way at all that I could pay extra for priority shipping or can I buy a premade dress or anything??

Written By Evie
2012-12-26 21:41
I was wondering if I ordered this dress today if it could be in New York City by January 17th next year or earlier? I have an event on the 20th and want to see if I could get this on time. Does anyone have a picture of this dress after they received it from the company that they would be willing to show me? thank you!
Reply by MicWell 2012-12-26 21:45

Hi Evie,
Thanks for shopping at micwell.
If you place an order to us today,we can make sure it will reach you by 12th,January!
Happy shopping!

Written By misselly
2012-12-25 10:53
Sono una ragazza che ho acquistato, questo vestito meraviglioso.
Prima di ordinarlo, o ad essere sincera anche dopo che l'ho ordinato non ci credevo tanto che mi arrivasse visto l'allontananza.
Ma mi è arrivato anche molto prima di quello che io mi aspettavo.
Sono rimasta molto soddisfatta il vestito mi sta a pennello e il tessuto è proprio quello che si descrive nelle caratteristiche.

Written By Eva
2012-12-23 15:44
We couldn't be happier with this dress. The dress was made to our exact measurements and fits wonderfully. The train is beautiful and I know my daughter is going to look and feel like a princess on prom day! Thank you. We will definately use your sight again.